Let's Review The Basics

A look back at the major themes of Fortnite Fundamentals

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The Inner Game of Fortnite – Let’s Review The Basics

In the last month, we’ve covered a lot of concepts in this newsletter and I wanted to write an edition that could serve as a table of contents to build off of for the future:

  • Meta-Learning – How to build any skill, including Fortnite, by practicing slowly and safely and then introducing speed and difficulty.

  • Marginal Advantage – Looking at any situation, evaluating where we have unique advantage, and figuring out how we can exploit it to win.

  • Small-Sided Games – How scaled-down versions of a macro game allow us to practice the same skills, get more reps, and get better, faster.

  • Self-Talk – The relationship we have with ourselves matters. How we talk to ourselves in moments of triumph and adversity affect us and our performance a lot.

  • Probabilities and the Midgame – Taking smart fights and thinking about if the action we take will increase or decrease the probability of achieving our goal (winning a game).

  • Slow Down and Let Them Play Your Game – Tempo and how you can use it to your advantage by going slowly and playing in a calculated way.

  • Deliberate Practice versus 10,000 Hours – How we can get better by designing our practice rather than just grinding.

  • Looking Back To Go Forward – Reviewing our games and our session can help us spot patterns in our play for practice and improvement in the future. Review and journaling should be as essential as a warmup.

  • Knowing When To Stop – Sometimes our skills have peaked for the moment. It’s better to end on good reps than sloppy ones.

These nine pieces will serve as the foundations of our fundamentals. We’ll come back to them often but now they’re all in one place. I’d encourage you to bookmark this piece to re-read in the future.

Sub-Skill Drills – Breath Work

Let’s work on some early game breath work. Like we talked about in Meta-Learning, when we work on this when it doesn’t count, it makes it easier to do when it does count.

Today’s drill is simple:

  • At the start of each circle, practice taking 10 slow breaths as you play.

  • 3 seconds in, 3 seconds out, 10 times.

This exercise should help us calm our nerves and develop a breathing pattern to keep a level head at different points in the game. If we have the beginning of a new zone followed by 10 slow breaths, we can steady ourselves for whatever comes next.

The goal here is to deliberately do this each time in the early game and build the habit so we’re trained to take deep breaths in the later game when anxiety can creep in as we’re trying to win.

That’s it for today, thanks, as always, for reading and subscribing!

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