Jumping out of the Battle Bus

Hello world!

Fortnite is a game unlike any I’ve ever played before. It’s layered and complex. It reminds me more of chess than Halo. At any time there can be over 10 things to keep in your head at the same time: where other enemies are in your build, which walls are yours, material count, shots left in the clip, how many people are left, where the storm is, how long before that storm moves and more.

There are helpful tips and tricks videos on YouTube, subreddits with competitive strategies, Creative courses, and pro Twitch streamers to watch, all that help you get better.

If you’re anything like me, you consume some helpful content and then forget to practice it next time you’re in game. Or maybe you practice it once or twice in Creative and then never apply it.

I’m going to take a different approach to teaching and helping you get better at the game. I’ll be publishing about 3x per week to start, sometimes more often, with some other great stuff planned.

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